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We’ll put future site news here, and perhaps a few more things. For now we’ll play this one day at a time.

Since you’re already here, check out this note about installing an avatar on the site that will show up in your comments. We’ll add more helpful notes below it as we go along:

Installing an avatar in a WordPress Site
The title is a bit misleading, because you can’t actually load an avatar into any WordPress site. You can however get one to work in your comments.

There’s just no place in a WordPress profile page to upload an avatar. Not to worry, “Magyver to the rescue”.

You’ll have to use the link below and go to and upload your avatar, where it will become a “Globally Recognized Avatar”… hence the name “Gravatar”. From then on, any WordPress site with the newest software and proper configuration (like us) will instantly recognize you, and your avatar will appear like “magic”.

Use this link: ……

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