The NFL Players Got What They Wanted From CBA: Crutches, Surgery & Injured Reserve

Remember the old saying about being careful about what you wish for? More and more NFL players are starting to learn that day by day now that training camps have started. The players wanted to spend less time practicing, fine… they got it. The players wanted less full contact practices, fine… they got it.

I’m presuming the players wanted a replay of last season’s hectic pace of trying to get into condition and form at the last-minute after the lockout, fine… they got that too. What the players also got was an instant replay of last season’s record-setting injuries before any of them have even took the field against an opposing team.

I started to say you can’t fault the rookies for not knowing any better, but you can. These boys know how hard they had to practice in high school to get an athletic scholarship to college, and they know how hard they had to practice and play in college to get drafted. Having said that, the rookies didn’t get to vote on the CBA, the veteran players did. The veteran players are supposed to know better. Will Pup list pay your bills?

What good does it do to draft and sign the finest players in the league if you spend all season carrying them off the field on a stretcher?

Season ending injuries are starting to mount up all over the league, and we’ve barely started training camp. The Saints have already lost both their starting cornerbacks to injury in training camp, and the backup just isn’t there. We only normally carry 5 cornerbacks on the roster and it’s already starting to look like five’s not enough. We don’t need to go through what we did in the ’09 season all aver again.

Many of the teams are already calling free agents; I hope it doesn’t get so bad that they have to install revolving doors on the clubhouses.

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